About Us

This project is our first initiative to offer vocational training to young men and women aged 18 years and up in the coastal town of Leogane, Haiti which was the epicenter of the January 10th, 2010 earthquake. We are finding that more young adults are fleeing Haiti and placing a burden on the countries to which they are seeking refuge. We plan to provide training opportunities to these young adults who are at risk of being involved in gang activities or risk losing their live during their voyage to foreign lands. 


Ce projet est notre première initiative visant à offrir une formation professionnelle aux jeunes hommes et femmes âgés de 18 ans et plus dans la ville côtière de Léogâne, en Haïti, qui a été l'épicentre du tremblement de terre du 10 janvier 2010. Nous constatons que de plus en plus de jeunes adultes fuient Haïti et font peser un fardeau sur les pays dans lesquels ils cherchent refuge. Nous prévoyons d'offrir des possibilités de formation à ces jeunes adultes qui risquent d'être impliqués dans des activités de gangs ou de perdre la vie lors de leur voyage vers des terres étrangères.

Blue = USA        Black = Haiti

Jim Mahar Ph.D. (Board Director) 


      Jim is a finance professor at St Bonaventure university.   He is the founder of BonaResponds and co founder of Haitischolarships.org and PositiveRipples.org .  
     Jim has a great love for Haiti and brings a business background to the world of education and development.    He owns a grocery store in Olean NY.


Daniel Gautier (Board Director) 


      Daniel is a board member of Leogane Tekno, Inc, he is an electrician who worked in Haiti for EDH in the billing department. He later migrated to New York City where he worked for the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, at Dynair Engineer as a quality manager and as a quality control specialist at Hose McAnn Telephone Co.


Michael Kalinski Ph.D., P.E.  (Board Director) 



      Sustainable and Humanitarian Engineering /Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering, Mr. Kalinski research involves the understanding of how earthquake waves propagate through soil and rock.  By combining seismology with engineering, we can estimate how much the soil or rock may tend to amplify or attenuate the earthquake shaking as it moves up from the bedrock to the ground surface. Mr. Kalinski also travel to Leogane with Haiti Engineering to study ground movement.


Pierre Auza Ph.D. (Board Director) 


In recent years, Dr. Pierre M. Auza has served as a substitute Lecturer at UC Irvine, as a Project Engineer for Tortuga Planning Engineering & Consulting, and as a Research Assistant for Nakanishi Research and Consulting, LLC. In the past, Pierre was the Secretary of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Standing Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection (ABR10, formerly ABE40). Pierre earned his Ph.D. in 2018 at the University of California at Irvine in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) under advisor Professor Jayakrishnan.


Fallieres J. Abdallah (President) 


        Mr. Abdallah is a Computer Network Architect, and has worked in California, Florida and throughout the Caribbean, including working on projects with Digicel, Orange and Banco Leon, just to mention a few.

        Fallieres is a business owner in Haiti , with a Mini Mall in Rue Noir, Leogane. He has started many projects in Leogane Haiti, helping to contribute to the local economy.

        His current venture, Leogane Tekno, was created to help develop the local talent in Leogane, by providing educational skills. This is in hopes of creating a better live for the young people of Haiti.


Joseph Kesner Guercy (Treasurer) 


      Mr. Guercy is an Accountant and has worked as a CFO in the Textiles Industry for 42 Years. As a Community servant I have created many activities in the Caribbean Community In California such as: Radio Station, Soccer League, Monthly Newsletter, Entertainments, Promotions and many other social activities.

      I am delighted to join this new Venture Leogane Tekno, an organization dedicated to develop and train young Haitians vocational skills.


Shade (VP Marketing / Sales)


       We are looking for a vice president sales and marketing position, that will  fulfill leadership and coordination duties while helping to develop an overall plan to scale our school growth. the primary responsibilities are to oversee the sales and marketing strategy for one or several events and then monitor and analyze both the methods and results. To lead the sales and marketing team to meet specific goals that are the most effective for the school. Aside from deploying plans to meet objectives, will also manage budgets, coordinate client accounts, oversee new projects, and work with other partners to develop a long-term plan for the school.

Marlene Guercy  (VP Human Relations) 

     Marlene Guercy Retired Former Deputy in charge at the United States Courthouse in  the Southern District of New York handling cases in Westchester and Rockland counties also former Assistant Treasurer at JP Morgan Chase Bank in NY, with 21 years of banking experience as Correspondent and investment banker.


Muriel Hollant  (Lands Manager) 


      I am Muriel Valville Cajuste Hollant, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In 1957, I migrated to the US at the age of 11. I graduated from high school in Minnesota. I have three sons and seven grandchildren. I now reside in Florida. As a child, I spent my vacation in Corail and Lavange harvesting coffee, cacao, peanuts, coconuts and other crops. I joined Leogane Tekno in order to be involved in the agricultural and other projects that will bring positive changes in the future of Haiti and its citizens.